Independence Day

Trey Triggs trey at SOUTHWIND.NET
Sun Jul 7 20:29:51 MDT 1996

>Trey says:
>>I want to wish all a happy and safe Independence Day.  Remember during our
>>time of celebration, that this would not have been possible if not for the
>>brave fore-fathers, soldiers, and citizens sticking together to push the
>>Lion out of North America.  And, of course, we will continue to thrive with
>>our freedoms when we continue to stick together.
>Ditto on good wishes for Independence Day.  But some questions, too.  What is
>"sticking together" in today's terms?

I am stating that we are all Americans.  The added descriptive words should
be erased from our vocabulary.  Class structure/warfare:  be happy of who we
are, in this country we can always strive for improvement!  More of an
explaination down below.

>Especially when the term "Freedom" has such a variety of meanings within
the >populace?  For many who support Clinton, freedom means what the
Government gives >you:  food, shelter, clothing, education, recreation,
haircuts - well whatever >you need, because as Stuart Smally says, "You'r
OK, and well, you deserve it."  >And of course, the gov't and other
supporters of the Welfare State will have no >objection when citizens who
have received SO MUCH are called on for pay-back >time.  There is always
PAY-BACK TIME - could even be in votes.
>I heard Foley and Ruddman on C-Span yesterday.  Foley says the US is the most
>free country on earth.  For example, he cited the US's permissive policies re:
>gun ownership and without giving any data or specifics declared the US to have
>the greatest freedoms in this area of choice for citizens.  He can't understand
>why anyone should object to any of the government's present policies
>re: gun control.  Also, Ruddman sounded like a liberal democrat - hardly an
>opposing view.  For example, he supports the minimum wage bill.
>We live in a time when many of the freedoms of our forefathers and mothers are
>now politically incorrect.
>On independence day, it is appropriate to notice what's missing from the
>equation as well as what actual blessings we do have.  Remember what compelling
>issues taxes and market freedoms were in 1776.
I was honored to be able to watch Russian Comedian Yakov Smirnoff perform in
Branson on Saturday, 6 July 1996.  For those of you who don't know, Yakov
just celebrated his 10th Anniversary of becoming an American Citizen (4 July
1986).  Listening to his finale, he commented that when he first got here
private citizens welcomed him and his family -- got them started out for a
new life by providing some clothes, food, and etc.  With the help of
CITIZENS he was able to get a job from there, the rest is history.
Excellent!!!!!!!  There wasn't government hand-outs.  It was his will power
and other citizens bonding together.  He also said that those people are out
there today -- I agree.  BTW, if any of you are going to be in Branson, and
if he is performing, I highly recommend that you watch him -- he is hilarious!

Once people realize that they don't need the government to care for them
they can succeed and provide for themselves.  The so-called need is there
because of fear of failure, laziness, habit, grew up with it, and etc.
Bonding in today's society means to act as a community, wake up Nationalism,
care for not only yourself and family, but your neighbors.  It's pride in
flying the flag from the house and your neighbor's house.  It's seeing the
bonding during time of disasters, Hugo, OKC Bombing, Earthquakes, floods.
It's the bonding that is felt when we are outraged when groups of people
break the law, when churches are burnt, when we see drugs killing our fellow
citizens, when we hear or see a drive by shooting, or watch the tv about
some white bronco on the interstate (when David Letterman should've been on).

Bonding today is important, this nation survived 220 years through that
bounding.  The Roman Empire survived through bonding, then they forgot about
bonding ... disputes turned inward, class struggle destroyed each other, the
Princeps was lost to a ruler/subjects.   Remember that Lincoln said this is
the Government by the people -- we are it.  How ever the state of the nation
is, it is our doing.  We have the longest living, written Constitution in
the world history because of bonding.

Hopefully I didn't stray to far from your question.  I feel that the freedom
that we hold is important and because of the bonding of citizens, the blood
of our soldiers, and the backbone of leaders.  We should never forget the
true meaning of our 4th of July!


Freedom has a flavor that the protected will never know.

A moment of silence for the service members killed, injured, or serving on
active or reserve status.

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