Some cussin'? Here?

John B Hammer economic at CENCOM.NET
Mon Jul 8 02:19:03 MDT 1996

To certain RUSHTALK subscribers; you know who you are:

        There has been a complaint about profane language here on RUSHTALK.  I
know sometimes its easy to get carried away and its always easier to post
an exsisting file without the editing, but like the "Welcome to RUSHTALK"
file says, "if you wouldn't say it to your mother, don't say it here".
If you'd USE profanity to your mother, maybe you should talk to HER
instead of RUSHTALK.  If mom's used to it, you'll get less of an argument
about it from her.

Sorry...them's the rules...they was here before I wuz.

        Another reason:  Rush has always said he'd never join a
discussion group because of the name-calling and profanity.  If we do it
here, he'll NEVER join this one. (Yea, if)  :)

John B Hammes

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