"Who, me?"

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                            Who, Me?

     As questions are asked at the White House about the use
of FBI files, the stock answer is, "Who, me?"  This refusal to
take responsibility for his/her actions has become the modus
operandi for all Clinton staff members.

     There should be, however, no mystery for their actions. Their
"boss" will deny responsibility at the drop of the proverbial "hat"
as when he became famous for denying responsibility for using the
word "cut" by blaming the friendly Washington press for its usage.

    Watching Craig Livingstone, Chief of White House Personnel
Security, trying not to answer the now famous question, "who hired
you?" should be instructive in the "art" of obfuscation.  Mr.Livingston
knows who hired him, the purpose for his hiring and the duties of
his "new" job.  Of course to provide those known answers would
"do harm" to those in the White House political super structure who
placed him in such a sensitive position.

     The famous adage "I've got a bridge to sell you" would fit
nicely in evaluating their denial that no one read those files
and/or would not use any file information to do political harm.

     Bill need not worry.  A majority of polled voters do not think
character is relevant to leadership and, therefore, will vote for
him in spite of this and other various scandals.

     Those who believe otherwise, need to worry.

Kenneth E. Wyman

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