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>PAGE A4 I SATURDAY, JULY 6, 1996 ~                         Zlle ll~bi
>Dole campaign official quits, may admit laundering funds
>By Joe Stephens
> A vice chairman of Bob Dole's presidential campaign has re- signed amid
>reports that he plans to admit in court that campaign contributions were
>laundered ille- gally through his New England pool-toy company.
> Simon C. Fireman of Boston, whose employees allegedly were reimbursed for
>their contribu- tions to Mr. Dole, recently quit his post as a national vice
>chairman of finance for the campaign, Dole spokeswoman Christina Martin said
> The campaign would not com- ment on reports that Mr. Fireman had reached a
>plea agreement with federal prosecutors that would result in a multimillion-
>dollar fine.
> Sources within Mr. Fireman's company, Aqua-Leisure Indus- tries, contend
>that the millionaire businessman recently had com- pleted the plea
>agreement. Details are expected to be made public next week.
> In recent weeks, contributors affiliated with the pool-toy manu- facturer
>have testified before a grand jury in downtown Boston. Several employees
>said they con- firmed under oath that Mr. Fire- man's executive assistant
>had asked them to contribute to the Dole campaign, then reimbursed them with
>stacks of $1OO bills.
> Federal laws restrict individual contributions to $1,OOO each and forbid
>reimbursing anyone for a contribution. .
> Last year, Aqua-Leisure em- ployees, the company's sales rep- resentatives
>and their families sent more than 5O separate checks to the campaign,
>totaling $55,OOO. The contributions turned Aqua- Leisure's small work force
>into one of Mr. Dole's largest sources of in- dividual campaign
> The gifts came not only from top managers at Aqua-Leisure, but also from
>secretaries, a book-   keeper and a warehouse manager. Each gift was for
>$1,OOO, and as many as 12 contributions flowed into the campaign on a single
> Several witnesses said they and other employees provided per- sonal bank
>records and company financial reports to the grand jury and FBI agents. The
>grand jury also has questioned former Aqua- Leisure employees who contend
>they were reimbursed for contri- butions sent to George Bush's 1992
>presidential campaign.
> In April, when the Kansas City Star first reported the money- laundering
>allegations, Mr. Fire- man denied any wrongdoing, as did his executive
>assistant, Carol Nichols.
> Mr. Fireman's attorney refused to comment Thursday about the reported plea
> The federal prosecutor han- dling the case was on vacation Thursday and
>unavailable for comment. His investigation began after the Star reported the
>alleged money-laundering.
> Mr. Dole has denied knowledge of the alleged scheme. He called for a
>federal investigation in April but has declined comment since.
> "The money contributed by Mr. Fireman, his wife and employees of
>Aqua-Leisure has been segre- gated and placed in escrow awaiting conclusion
>of the federai investigation into this matter," Miss Martin said Thursday.
> "If the allegations prove cor- rect, the money will be given to the
>l~easury Department." Miss Martin said she was un- sure of the date of Mr.
>Fireman's resignation.
> Mr. Fireman, 7O, has been an ad- viser to the Carter, Reagan and Bush
> In 1983, President Reagan named Mr. Fireman to the U.S. Ad- visory
>Committee for l~ade Nego- tiations. That led to a job as a di- rector of the
>federal Export- Import Bank.
> In 1992 Mr. Fireman served as a national vice chairman of fi- nance for Mr.
>Bush's re-election campaign.
>Dont forget about the DOLE ARKANSAS Connection
>Noone seems to care or know about the DOLE ARKANSAS CONNECTION.
>Can you help ?
>We may be getting ready to nominate another ARKANSAS bankrolled Candidate,
>EVEN though he claims to be a REPUBLICAN.  This should set off alarms for
>for Democrats and Republicans alike. BOB DOLE and JACKSON STEPHENS are
>linked.  Jackson Stephens is the co-chairman of DOLE's Finance Committee
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>Excerpt from:
>"Razorback Money Drops Clinton, Backs Bob Dole"
>by Micah Morrison
>February 15, 1996
>This time around, though, the favorite of big Arkansas business does
>appear to be Mr. (Robert) Dole.  In addition to Tyson and Stephens,
>Arkansas heavyweights Riceland Foods and Alltell Corp. have contributed
>to the Dole campaign.
>Stephens Inc.'s relationship with Sen. Dole is much more complex and
>intriguing.  The longtime head of the world-wide investment firm,
>Jackson Stephens, is an old friend and political ally.  Mr. Stephens and
>the Doles have apartments at the exclusive Sea View Hotel in Bal Harbour,
>Fla.  So does top Dole supporter Archer-Daniels-Midland chairman
>Dwayne Andreas.
>Stephens Inc. also employs a controversial figure in the world of the
>Doles, David Owen.  Mr. Owen, a former banker and lieutenant governor
>of Kansas, was a top Dole aide and financial advisor until he was
>ousted from Mr. Dole's 1988 presidential campaign amid reports that
>he mismanaged a blind trust for Elizabeth Dole and violated campaign
>finance laws.  Mr. Owen went to jail for seven months in 1884 on an
>unrelated tax-evasion charge and last year paid the FEC $13,000 in
>fines on the campaign-finance violations.
>Mr. Owen has been a Stephens employee in Kansas for "a long time,"
>Warren Stephens says.  "My recollection is we first met him in some
>connection with Dole."  Currently, however, Mr. Owen seems to be an
>enemy of Mr. Dole; he recently told the NEW YORKER that he'd been
>"made a scaoegoat for Dole" -- "He betrayed me."
>What Mr. Dole's enemy is doing working for Jack Stephens, one of Mr.
>Dole's friends, is one of those happenstances that fascinate observers
>of the enigmatic chairman of Stephens Inc.  As readers of this newspaper
>know, Mr. Stephens's range of acquaintances runs the gamut from the
>corrupt bankers of BCCI to virtually every modern American president.
>He was, for example, an Annapolis classmate of Jimmy Carter.
>Excerpts from:
>February 5, 1992
>"Wealthy Investment Family a Big Help to Clinton"
>by Jeff Gerth
>LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Two days before Bill Clinton's bitterly contested
>re-election in 1990, the Arkansas Governor grew concerned that his
>campaign was slipping.  He placed calls to members of an influential
>Arkansas business group, asking them to raise $50,000for his campaign,
>according to people involved in the effort.
>"He was somewhat in a panic," recalled Warren A. Stephens, one of
>those contacted by the Governor.
>Mr. Stephens is president and chief executive officer of Stephens Inc.,
>the investment banking flagship of the Stephens family empire, which
>has vast holdings in natural gas, finance and real estate.  Published
>estimates of the family's wealth put it well over $1 billion.
>Mr. Stephens and his associates quickly agreed to raise the money,
>providing the pledges that helped Mr. Clinton get $50,000 from a
>bank the next day.  The money was used for last-minute television
>advertisements.  Thus began an important financial alliance that has
>helped drive Mr. Clinton's campaign for the Democratic Presidential
>The Stephens and their associates have raised more than $100,000 for
>Mr. Clinton's Presidential campaign so far, soliciting donations
>from scores of business associates and friends who each contributed
>up to $1,000, the maximum allowed under Federal laws.
>Among these Stephens associates is Curt Bradbury, a former employee
>of Stephens Inc., who is now the chief executive of Worthen National
>Bank of Arkansas and its parent, the Worthen Banking Corporation, in
>which the Stephens family own a 38 percent interest. Last month, the
>Worthen National Bank approved a credit line that allows the Clinton
>campaign to borrow up to $2 million.
>The Stephens group's investment firm is one of the nation's largest.
>Arkansas state auditors have criticized some of its financial dealings
>with the state, and some critics have complained that the Governor
>has allowed the Stephenses to exercise too much influence over state
>-- Ties to Republicans --
>In the 1980's, there were few visible financial ties between Governor
>Clinton and the Stephens family.  The Stephenses seemed more closely
>aligned with the Republicans. Stephens Inc. and its chairman, Jackson
>T. (Jack) Stephens, donated $100,000 to the national Republican Party
>both in 1988 and 1991.
>But beginning in 1990, the Stephenses started paying closer attention
>to the Democratic Governor.  Mr. Clinton's Republican opponent that
>year was a critic of the Stephenses who wanted to reduce their financial
>dealings and their general influence in the state.
>"I would have brought all this to a halt, the free ride in Arkansas,
>doing what they wanted with the blessing of the Governor," the losing
>candidate, Sheffield Nelson, said in an interview.  Mr. Nelson is a
>Little Rock lawyer.
>The state auditor, Julia Hughes Jones, opposed two state pension fund
>investments that Stephens Inc., arranged in 1987 and 1988, noting that
>Stephens had represented both the bond issuers and the bond purchasers.
>In an interview, Mrs. Jones, who is an elected official, said she
>believed the Stephenses should have given the pension fund more
>information about what it was doing.  She added that outside advisors
>should have been brought in.  And she complained that the Stephenses'
>fees were excessive, though Mrs. Jones did support subsequent deals
>after Stephens lowered its fees.
>Warren Stephens defended the state pension investment deals, saying
>their "record has been outstanding."
>The trustees of the pension funds, most of them appointed by Mr.
>Clinton, did agree to the investments, and Mr. Clinton also gave approval.
>Interesting to see this in the TIMES, especially back then.  On the other
>hand, the TIMES reported the Whitewater land deal not long after.
>So what does this have to do with Gennifer Flowers?  The $2 million loan
>to Clinton from Worthen National came one week after Ms. Flowers publicly
>discussed her intimate relationship with the Governor.
>Also note, it is illegal for a securities firm, like Stephens Inc., to
>own a bank, like Worthen National. The Stephens convinced regulators to
>circumvent the law by changing Worthen's charter from federal to state.
>Jackson Stephens loves a good bank deal.  He assisted the Bank of Credit
>and Commerce International (BCCI) in its initial attempts to buy an American
>bank, something the Fed did not approve of.  BCCI, of course, succeeded in
>buying First American Bankshares.
>Jackson Stephens also helped arrange a loan for George Bush, Jr. from a
>BCCI affiliate in Switzerland so he could buy a chunk of Harken Energy.
>See the WALL STREET JOURNAL, "How Oil Firm Linked to a Son of Bush Won
>Bahrain Drilling Pact," December 6, 1991.
>Please respond so I can know you got it. This is a HOT ONE !  I was BLOWN
>away when I first found out.  I became very suspicious to say the least !  I
>thought DOLE was the Republican Standard Bearer, now I see he is even
>indirectly connected to CLinton and the Arkansas CROWD !! WOW !
>Jackson Stephens is the co-chairman of DOLE's Finance Committee
>It has recently come to my attention that Bob DOLE's co-chairman of Finance
>is none other than Arkansas Banker, long time Clinton associate Jackson
>Stephens.  In fact this is the same Jackson Stephens who bankrolled Clinton
>in 1992.  Stephens Inc. was HEAVILY involved in BCCI.  Word is that DOLE
>while in congress has STEADFASTLY stood in the way of ALL INVESTIGATIONS
>into MENA ARKANSAS, the entry point of drugs from planes returning from
>gun running missions to the Contras while Bush was president and Clinton
>Governor of Arkansas.  STEPHENS INC heavily involved in the BCCI and these
>operations therefore needing DOLE to continue to cover as CLINTON did for
>BUSH and STEPHENS.  Fact: During the MENA influx of Cocaine, Little Rock
>become the MURDER CAPITAL of USA periodically due to the MASSIVE influx of
>COCAINE and DIRTY MONEY to that area.
>Why isnt anyone talking about this ?
>Do you have any info on this ?
>Please see attached for background on Jackson Stephens.  If you have any
>references please pass them along thanks.
>       Concerned,
>                       Ralph at TeamInfinity.com
>Clinton: Who's pulling the strings?
>From: Robert Lee Sitler <roblesit-ppp at pepper.ncinter.net>
>Date: 1995/12/21
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>I discovered this little snippet in my investigations. In 1988, Jackson
>Stephens wife was co-chairperson in 1988 of the national "Bush for
>President" campaign. Jackson Stephens has contributed up to 2,000,000 to
>Clinton's 1992 president campaign, and contributed up to 250,000 to Bush's
>1992 presidential campaign. This in light of him contributing to Bob
>Dole's 1996 presidential campaign. This leaves one to ponder whether we
>are a democracy or not, considering this is only one individual who has
>contributed heavily to both sides. Thanks. Rob
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