Happy Fourht Of July

Cindy Brewbaker Cindy at GEMNET.MSU.EDU
Wed Jul 10 06:53:40 MDT 1996

Very nice to hear from you Papa. I have been missing you. Hope you and
your family had a wonderful fourth as well. I've not been posting on
the list much lately myself as have been very busy. Also getting ready
for vaca for 3 weeks; will be in Atlanta for abt. 10 days attending
some of the Olympic events. Its a costly venture but I'm certain will
be worthwhile. One of those once in a lifetime opportunities, you can't
take it with you and our girls are at the perfect age to remember and
all that stuff. God Bless You and all the other Vets out there. From my
heart I say thank you for your contributions to this wonderful country.
Take care, Cindy B.     cindy at gemnet.msu.edu


RU>I have been absent from the list for several months
RU>and want to say that I have all of you.

RU>Also want to wish all of you a Wonderful Fourth Of
RU>July.  God bless the nation.

RU>< Will, belated congratulations on Canada Day >

RU>Regards, PapaPaul
RU>Government: The Opiate Of The Masses

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