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Wed Jul 10 13:33:15 MDT 1996

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>>The following article was excerpted from
>>Hometown USA [] ...
>>>Re: Wall Street Underground Newsletter
>>WSU says in their newsletter "What did the people who voted
>the Republicans back in power get? NOTHING." I believe that
>these folks are ignorant of how the system works. The Balanced
>Budget Amerndment missed by the one vote of Mark Hatfield
>a so called conservative Republican Senator. This one man
>torpedoed the Contract with America and I for one will keep the
>memory alive. The next step would have been to try again but
>that step would have required a 2/3 majority to overcome the
>Clinton veto. The Republicans did not have a 2/3 majority and
>Clinton thereafter felt his oats and vetoed almost everything
>that came along. Get with it WSU.  JB

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