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Dean Fairbrother dean.fairbrother at HBFULLER.COM
Wed Jul 10 15:27:25 MDT 1996

>>WSU says in their newsletter "What did the people who voted
>the Republicans back in power get? NOTHING." I believe that
>these folks are ignorant of how the system works. The Balanced
>Budget Amerndment missed by the one vote of Mark Hatfield
>a so called conservative Republican Senator. This one man
>torpedoed the Contract with America and I for one will keep the
>memory alive. The next step would have been to try again but
>that step would have required a 2/3 majority to overcome the
>Clinton veto. The Republicans did not have a 2/3 majority and
>Clinton thereafter felt his oats and vetoed almost everything
>that came along. Get with it WSU.  JB

Who is this so called conservative Republican Senator - Bob Dole?  Are you
saying that Dole didn't support the BBA?  That's incorrect.

Dole originally voted for the amendment, then changed his vote to oppose the
amendment when he saw that it would not pass.  Being the sponsor of the
amendment, voting against his own measure gave him, according to Senate rules,
the option of bringing up the amendment for a straight up-down vote at any time
in the future.  He recently exercised this option, voting in favor of passage
in an obviously doomed effort.

BTW - constitutional amendments require a 2/3 majority for passage, and the
President has zero power to veto.

Dean Fairbrother

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