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Include Harry Browne in presidential debates,
encourages influential political columnist

        WASHINGTON, DC -- America's most influential political
reporter has voiced support for including Libertarian Party
presidential candidate Harry Browne in the presidential debates.

        Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Broder wrote in
his nationally syndicated newspaper column this week, "Browne is
articulate and quick-witted, and he'd undoubtedly draw votes if
he could raise enough money to get on TV -- or muster enough
support to be included in the presidential debates.

        "That is a long shot, but there'd be some value in having
100 million Americans hear [Browne] ask what he says is the key
question: 'Would you be willing to give up your favorite government
program if you didn't have to pay any income tax for the rest
of your life?' "

        Browne, 63, a best-selling author and investment writer,
was nominated as the Libertarian Party's presidential candidate
at its nominating convention this past weekend in Washington, DC.

        If invited to participate in the presidential debates,
Browne predicted he could "change the face of politics in
America forever."

        In his acceptance speech, Browne said: "What if, every
time Bill Clinton or Bob Dole proposed one of his wondrous
government elixirs as the solution to some social problem, there
was someone there to say, "But government doesn't work. Government
reforms don't work. Why should the next government program work
any better than all the failed, expensive, destructive government
programs of the past?' "

        Broder, who attended the convention as a correspondent
for the Washington Post, was apparently impressed by what he heard.
He wrote: "...the party to watch in the 21st century may well
turn out to be the Libertarians."

        Although expressing some doubt about the willingness of
voters to totally embrace the Libertarian Party's "radical surgery"
on the size and cost of government, Broder concluded that the party,
"...may be the advance guard of a more significant movement in
the decades to come."

        Broder's column appears in more than 300 newspapers across
the globe. A winner of the 1973 Pulitzer Prize for Distinguished
Commentary, Broder is said to be the most respected and influential
political columnist in the nation.

        The Wall Street Journal wrote about him: "Journalists and
politicians...read him closely and they assume that if he says
it, it's so." Esquire magazine wrote that Broder "has few challengers
as the most influential political journalist in the country."

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