Some cussin'? Here?

Willaim Thurber - MKTG PhD Student thurber at FMGMT.MGMT.UTORONTO.CA
Sat Jul 13 15:43:18 MDT 1996

On Fri, 12 Jul 1996, Dan Bobke wrote:

> I think it is a stretch to say that forgiveness for killing and maiming people
> because of a mental/psychological problem is comparable to forgiving spelling
> errors because of ADD!


If I understand your point, you seem to say that psychological pathologies
can cause a person to be have no sense of right and wrong when it comes
to spelling, but cannot keep a person from having a sense of right and
wrong in a moral sense.  Isn't that a little like saying that gravity can
cause apples to fall from trees but cannot cause large rock slides?


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