Psychology sometimes valid, sometimes not (Was - Re: Some cussin'? , Here?)

Willaim Thurber - MKTG PhD Student thurber at FMGMT.MGMT.UTORONTO.CA
Sun Jul 14 08:06:23 MDT 1996

On Sat, 13 Jul 1996, Papa Paul wrote:

> And, further, I suppose that given a sufficiently large measure of
> intelligence and analytical competence, we could link all events,
> including behaviour,  to antecedent causes, indeed link them all
> the way back to the BIG BOOM, thus relieving one and all from any
> and all responsibility.  A sufficiently advanced psychology could
> smother free will altogether, and that would be comfy, wouldn't it?

Your point is well taken and would be valid if we were all created
equally.  Trouble is some of us can spell and some cannot, some can make
moral choices and others cannot.  In some of the cases the trouble can be
linked to a pathology, in others sloth or greed or selfishness are the
root cause.  Of course if we were all equally effected by the big bang or
whatever then we would have no abnormal behaviour, we would all act the
same, no?

Perhaps I fail to see your point.  If we are all effected equally by a
single antecedent then the free will debate is mute.  If however we are
different, then there is room for those who are impaired by lack of
facilities.  It is the latter case that caused the members of this list to
excuse a member for poor spelling caused by ADD.  I only whated to point
out that in doing so they have validated the position that some behaviors
are not controllable by the individual.


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