The Truth About Whitewater

John B Hammer economic at CENCOM.NET
Mon Jul 15 02:43:21 MDT 1996

On Fri, 21 Jun 1996, Spencer K Rasko wrote:

> >        What in tarnation's thunder is a UFologist? It sounds to me
> >like someone who studies Unidentified Flying Objects
> Correct!
> > i.e., stories of
> >spacecraft from Mars,
> Actually the grays are from reticula not mars!<Grin>
> >et cetera. Am I now to believe that Little Green
> >Men From Mars are to blame for smuggling cocaine into this country?
> No the government is to pay for the UFO coverup ;-)
> >        What the heck is MJ12? Is this another of those Trilateral Co-
> >mission/Council On Foreign Relations/Bilderbeck Committee conspiracy
> >things here?
> The government within the government.
> >Tell me, Spencer, do you read *Weekly World News*, or do
> >you just subscribe to even-less-reputable rags like *The Spotlight*?
> Nither in fact I've never even picked up either of them, although I love
> conspericy theorys even though I don't belive most of them there fun to
> talk about anyways ;-)
> >        What coverup? Whitewater?
> No the UFO coverup!
> >        Did you know that, supposedly, the Bush administration was in-
> >volved in smuggling cocaine into this country through Mena airport, in
> >Arkansas? This was all done to fund the contras, you understand. You
> >MUST have heard this by now, it's been in ALL the hot conspiracy rags.
> Yep!
> >        My hypothesis is that you're a raving lunatic. But that's an
> >easy one to form; you said it yourself.
> Nope just a raving conspericy theorist! ;-) and fellow psyco!  (Heck
> anyone who lives in Bemidji MN eventualy becomes one <Grin>)
> >        Gosh, you mean you actually heard all this on Nightline?
> No some of it comes from William Cooper (Former US navy officer) although
> I was saying that all that night line kinda screws with your brain <Grin>
> It was a joke.
> >        But I'll agree with you on one thing -- you've DEFINITELY been
> >watching too much television. & here people tell me pot-smoking rots
> >the brain...
> And you've defently been taking my post WAY to seriously.
> Ohh and by the way I've never done pot (I have ashma so I can't inhale
> anything without caughing) but you might want to get your information
> about canibus hemp from a better source!  Pot is much safer than
> Cigarets and Beer and it only causes temporary memory loss when used not
> perminent.
> >        To which I say, B.S. You could very well have done the same;
> >please do so in the future.
> Shure no problem!
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> If the evidence doesn't fit a conspiracy theory, just create a bigger
> one!
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Hehe!  I live for comedic postings! :) Love it!  Makes my day!

John Hammes

   "They that can give up essential liberty to
             obtain a little temporary safety deserve
                                        neither liberty or safety."
                         (Ben Franklin, 1759)

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