Gagging Gary Aldrich - Why?

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                     Gagging Gary Aldrich - Why?

        If Garry Aldrich is lying about the malfeasance of the
Clinton White House staff, why are members of the Demagogic
Party trying to stop him from testifying before the Clinger House
Committee?  He'll be under oath and if caught lying can be
prosecuted for perjury.

        It would appear that  they and their  "Prevaricator
in Chief" are afraid of his testimony enlightening the public as to
the atrocious conduct of the staff.  They just now admitted that 21
staff members had a "drug problem." (Remember how they and
the FOB in the media "crucified" Newt for asserting that fact last
year? )  That head count is probably as accurate as the original
number of 400 FBI files they claimed in their possession.

        People with "drug problems," people without proper
access credentials, people violating personal files of American
citizens, etc. etc., roamed the Clinton run White House.  Meanwhile
the Demagogic Party is working hard to hide that conduct as a matter
of  political survival.

Kenneth E. Wyman

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