Clinton and His Gestapo

Dean Fairbrother dean.fairbrother at HBFULLER.COM
Wed Jul 17 07:39:49 MDT 1996

>What was the deal with Clinton ordering the arrest of a protester?  I heard
>something about it but I've not seen it in the papers or the limited tv I watch.

>BTW  I have rejoined the list from my home isp, removing any .GOV issues I
>or SFWMD might have had.  I will be on vacation in North Carolina for the
>next couple of weeks, but I plan to try my isp's 1-800 on the laptop.

>Sam Teel

Sam, do you mean to tell me you haven't heard about this?  Incredible.

I don't watch network news anymore, but I figured that this had been at least
mentioned.  Guess not.  Everything I know I obtained from the Washington Times
website.  If you do not read this newspaper or it's website, you should be
taken to the woodshed.  :)

Clinton was in Chicago around the Fourth of July for some political event and
wound up at The Taste of Chicago, a large food festival which is put on yearly
down by the lake.  His appearance at the Taste was wholly unannounced, so it
came as a great surprise to almost all present (thousands) when they suddenly
found themselves face-to-face with Clinton, shaking his outstretched hand.  But
one woman, presented with an unexpected opportunity to tell Clinton what she
thought of his performance as CinChief, refused to shake his hand and instead
told him that she thought he sucked and was responsible for the deaths of the
soldiers in Saudi.  Attempts by Clinton and his henchmen to reason with her
only inflamed her passions more - apparently, she ended up yelling at Clinton
and reportedly suggested that he should have been blown up rather than the

Moments after the exchange, Clinton was seen talking with Secret Service
agents, and then pointed out the woman and her husband, who was standing behind
her.  The agents came over and started to question the woman, who was still
very agitated.  As she began answering questions, her husband suddenly realized
the seriousness of the situation, and having asked his wife to stop talking,
yelled at her to shut up.  That apparently was enough to get him in trouble
with the agents, who didn't like having their interrogation interrupted.  In
the end, the woman and her husband were arrested and questioned, apparently in
depth and at great length.

I understand that most of the exchange between the woman and Clinton was caught
on newstape.  The main question is, what did the woman really say?  She is
accused of making threats against the POTUS.  Is it a threat to tell the POTUS
that he sucks?

I'm not surprised that mainstream media consumers don't have this story, but
what about those of us using alternative media?  I would have brought this
subject up, but I figured that it was already widely known by those on this
list.  Was I wrong in my assumption?

Dean Fairbrother

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