Gagging Gary Aldrich - Why?

Cowgal Librarian ds_gilkeson at VENUS.TWU.EDU
Wed Jul 17 09:26:29 MDT 1996

Well, to look at the matter on a larger scale...

>        It would appear that  they and their  "Prevaricator
>in Chief" are afraid of his testimony enlightening the public as to
>the atrocious conduct of the staff.  They just now admitted that 21
>staff members had a "drug problem." (Remember how they and
>the FOB in the media "crucified" Newt for asserting that fact last
>year? )  That head count is probably as accurate as the original
>number of 400 FBI files they claimed in their possession.

*"The Clinton Administration allowed 21 employees to work at the White
*House even though their background checks indicated recent drug use,"
*says today's Boston Globe.
*"The White House refused yesterday to say how many of the 21 has
*served in its 130 most senior jobs.  But it said there were nine employees
*currently in the special [drug] testing program, none of them senior
*political appointees.
*"Press Secretary Mike McCurry said the total amounts to less than two
*percent of the 1,700 White House workers and that no employee has
*ever tested positive."

>        People with "drug problems," people without proper
>access credentials, people violating personal files of American
>citizens, etc. etc., roamed the Clinton run White House.  Meanwhile
>the Demagogic Party is working hard to hide that conduct as a matter
>of  political survival.

Doesn't look exactly like they are hiding now. :)

>Kenneth E. Wyman

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