Clinton and His Gestapo

Cowgal Librarian ds_gilkeson at VENUS.TWU.EDU
Wed Jul 17 09:30:12 MDT 1996

Dean wrote:


>thought of his performance as CinChief, refused to shake his hand and instead
>told him that she thought he sucked and was responsible for the deaths of the
>soldiers in Saudi.  Attempts by Clinton and his henchmen to reason with her
>only inflamed her passions more - apparently, she ended up yelling at Clinton
>and reportedly suggested that he should have been blown up rather than the
>soldiers.                     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


>I understand that most of the exchange between the woman and Clinton was caught
>on newstape.  The main question is, what did the woman really say?  She is
>accused of making threats against the POTUS.  Is it a threat to tell the POTUS
>that he sucks?

No, not usually. But as far as I remember, threatening to blow up Presidents
(Republican or Democrat) is an offense. Maybe I just read that wrong. :)
>Dean Fairbrother

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