Clinton and His Gestapo

Cowgal Librarian ds_gilkeson at VENUS.TWU.EDU
Wed Jul 17 11:49:35 MDT 1996


>>No, not usually. But as far as I remember, threatening to blow up Presidents
>>(Republican or Democrat) is an offense. Maybe I just read that wrong. :)
>Of course it is - don't be a pain.

Thank you. I'll try to be more careful in the future.

>See the word 'reportedly'.  The woman denies that she expressed the above
>underlined sentiment.  We'll see - I tend to believe her, sight unseen, over
>Bill Clinton.  Maybe the tape will tell.

I saw the word reportedly but was under the impression that since you were
relaying the information and giving your take on it, I might also add my
commentary. Sorry. I'll keep the pain out of my future posts.

>Dean Fairbrother

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