Clinton and His Gestapo

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Wed Jul 17 12:42:03 MDT 1996

Adding to this, the Secret Service spokesman originally gave no indication that
the "blow up" statement was made.  Initially, it was reported that the volume
and tone of her !!voice!! were identified as the threat.  Now, a few days
later, we get an expansion of the story.  Curious, as all things Clinton seem
to be...

To Susan, sorry I snapped at you.  I think it's a serious matter when someone
accosts the POTUS, and gravely serious if a threat is made.  I'm not partisan
on this and I don't take it lightly.

Dean Fairbrother

> >>and reportedly suggested that he should have been blown up rather than the
> >>soldiers.                     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >No, not usually. But as far as I remember, threatening to blow up Presidents
> >(Republican or Democrat) is an offense. Maybe I just read that wrong. :)
> Of course it is - don't be a pain.
> See the word 'reportedly'.  The woman denies that she expressed the above
> underlined sentiment.  We'll see - I tend to believe her, sight unseen, over
> Bill Clinton.  Maybe the tape will tell.
> Dean Fairbrother
> >Susan

Saying ' you should have been' is different than saying   'I will'
or impling a future event.   Can you threaten someone by saying
I wish you had been there, or you should have been?  Doesn't
seem like a threat in my book, but hay, I'am in favor of a flat tax.

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