Clinton and His Gestapo

Andrew J. Templin nosilla at WWA.COM
Wed Jul 17 23:04:38 MDT 1996

In our last episode, Kenneth E. Wyman wrote:
>     Think back to Clinton's remarks after the OK City bombing when
> he stated "we may have to give up some of our liberties" to fight
> terrorism."
>     With his ability to "stretch" logic as a means to justify an end,
> there should be no surprise for his his reported "fingering" of the
> young lady for illegal apprehension because she dared insult him.

So, is anyone else waiting to see how they can possibly tie militia's
(et. al.) to the latest bombing(?) of a 747 near Long Island?

I'm watching this on CNN right now, and it certainly sounds like a
bomb at this time.  I hope I'm wrong.  I hope I'm totally wrong -
that it isn't a bomb, and that there is no attempted tie-in if it
is a bomb.

Sorry I haven't been around much, folks.  Life has been more than a
little chaotic the last month or so, and based on some things I've
learned today it looks like it will be intensifying considerably.
So, I may not have much time to participate, but I will be reading
with interest.

Andrew J. Templin
Confused Programmer (TM) / Recovering Sysadmin
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