The Dole Strategy Emerges

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                    The Dole Strategy Emerges

        The Dole folks are taking a page out of the Clinton campaign
"play book.."

        Clinton signs the anti-gay marriage bill since he knows
that a majority of his gay supporters will protest on high but will
vote with him because the "other guy" is "agin" 'em.  So, too, will
his arch liberal FoBs in spite of his shift to the right.

        Dole  "90 degrees" the anti-abortion folks because he knows
that they have no place to go if they want pro-abortion Clinton out.
The same for the "gun" folks and his supporters alarmed at his
leftward "lean."

        Dole and Clinton thus leave the remainder of their flank
supporters, taking them for granted, and move to that nebulous
political ground of the center which, according to most polls,
abhors "extreme" politics -- They are the "play nice" folks who do
not give a damn about  principles as long as they are "getting

        Dole's advisors evidently believe that he can out
Clinton, Clinton at that center.  Bring on the neo-Republican
Powell and "cute" motherly, pro-abortion Susan Molinari to kick
that "cosmetic ball" toward the 50 yard line.  And, so on.

        In the final run, the American voter may experience a truly
non-principled Presidential campaign with the underlying theme
that  "Stop" is out --  "Go" is in.  The candidate who uses the
first the least and the latter, the most, will win.  Issues, such as
character, expanding government snooping and control, etc.,
will be buried by candidate concern for upsetting the sensibilities
of the "play nice" folks.

Kenneth E. Wyman

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