Alan Keyes on libertarianism (fwd)

Thomas J. Benthall dq46rm79 at COASTALNET.COM
Sun Jul 21 22:00:44 MDT 1996

> >The Libertarian's agenda includes legalized drugs and an open border.
> If you want complete social bedlam vote Libertarian.  JB
> --

We have, in effect, an open border now.  The goverment't war on drugs
is laughable.  The Libertarian platform clearly states that it is
opposed to welfare payments to non-citizens just as it opposes
welfare to all other persons.  Republicans and Democrats are willing
to pay them to violate the border.

Alan Keyes does not speak for the Libertarian Party.  If you want to
know what it is all about read "Why Goverment DOESN'T Work", written
by Harry Browne.  Why ask Keyes about Libertarism when Harry Browne
is available to explain it?

You have been badly deceived

I'm a Republican.

Thomas J. Benthall
Gen. Matt W. Ransom Camp 861, SCV

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