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>Re-Elect Thurmond
>P. Jefferson Quinton
>Laurens, South Carolina
>jquinton at
>"Clinton, the man who smoked but didn't inhale, lives and breathes yes
>and no.  He talks right and governs (when he can) left.  He talks tough and
>governs soft.  He is, in short, the perfect president for our time.  And if
>he cuts a few ethical corners too, so what?" --Charles Krauthammer (7/5/96)

"Clinton: Confidential" by Carpozi:  "The New York Times' Jeff Gerth
identified the
role Clinton played in eviscerating a once meaningful Arkansas ethics code::
"Gov. Clinton's revised version of the house bill retained the disclosure
requirements for legislators, but deleted it for the GOVERNOR, other elected
officials and the appointed officials (by him) in state agencies and
The code that was surrupticiously changed fooling the 'know nothing public". JB


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