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Mon Jul 22 17:46:00 MDT 1996

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>I know you must get swamped with this stuff, but this one
>really got me going. Seems if Pat does make the move to USTP,
>Dole will certainly loose the election. Makes you wonder why he
>does'nt care!
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>ST. LOUIS, July 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Phyllis Schlafly, national
>chairman of the Republican National Coalition for Life,
>responded today to media reports that Pat Buchanan will be
>excluded from the Republican National Convention in San Diego.
>According to the Washington Post, Paul Manafort, who is planning
>the convention, said Wednesday that Pat Buchanan "will not be a
>presence" at the convention.
>"If the Republican Party and the Dole campaign think it is smart
>politics to offend Pat Buchanan and his millions of followers
>by excluding him from the Convention, they are sadly mistaken,"
>Mrs. Schlafly said.  "Despite the fact that the majority of
>Delegates to the Convention are pro-life, pro-family Americans,
>Convention planners and campaign organizers have gone out of
>their way to alienate themselves, and Senator Dole, from his
>natural base of support.
>"Senator Dole is reportedly down 25 percentage points in the
>polls. Some national correspondents have even begun to suggest
>that he withdraw from his pursuit of the Presidency.  It is hard
>to understand why the Dole campaign is not eager to reach out to
>the three million Americans who voted for Buchanan in the
>primaries, especially with the formation of third and fourth
>parties looming on the horizon.  Do they not need every vote?
>"Inviting an obscure, pro-abortion-choice Congresswoman, Susan
>Molinari, to deliver a major address at the Convention, while
>excluding Pat Buchanan, is a giant step backward to the
>pre-Reagan era when Republicans were a minority Party.  The
>Republican tent is shrinking as the supports that have held it
>up are being kicked away.
>"Republican officialdom should wake up, and practice what they
>preach about the politics of inclusion."
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