Alan Keyes on libertarianism (fwd)

Thomas J. Benthall dq46rm79 at COASTALNET.COM
Tue Jul 23 00:47:59 MDT 1996

JB wrote:

> The Orange County Register is a very large newspaper and is libertarian.
> iThey have said to me that they want drugs legalized and to continue the
> open border. Almost every bit of data we receive shows that the US would
> become a third world country very soon if we follow that agenda. I have
> been intimately associated with over 100 nations and I can tell you that
> it can happen here.  JB
> --

I don't know who you receive your data from, but they had better look
a little bit further than those two problems.

There is not a bit of doubt in my mind that it can't happen here.  In
fact there is a very good chance it will.  The national debt, deficit
spending, welfare, gov't regulations, second rate school systems,
crime, lost property rights, Social Security, Medicare, and of course
taxes will insure it.  Of course offering welfare to illegals doesn't
help matters.  We have our public  "servants", Democrats and
Republicans, to thank for this.  They are the disease, not the cure.

It may be closer than you think.

I have no use for drugs.  However, I can see that  continuing this
"war on drugs" is futile.  The gov't cannot win it.  They can't even
make a noticeable dent in it  The  only people who have benefited
from this war are the politicians and bureaucrats.  Goverment is not
the answer, so they should abandon it.

If you have a solution to the drug problem, let me hear it.
If you have a solution to the illegal alien problem (other than
abolishing welfare which may be the only solution), let me hear that

Thomas J. Benthall
Gen. Matt W. Ransom Camp 861, SCV

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