Alan Keyes on libertarianism (fwd)

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Tue Jul 23 03:12:41 MDT 1996

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JB wrote:

> >The Libertarian's agenda includes legalized drugs and an open border.
> If you want complete social bedlam vote Libertarian.  JB
> --

Not that I agree with the Libertarian position on open borders, but
to be fair I think we need to recognize the Libertarian assumption
that since NO ONE would get ANYTHING from the gummit, would-be border
crossers would know that once here, they would have to work their butt
off and that those who did in fact come would be precisely the ones
'Mericans should be happy to have.  Jing and I can count many
acquaintances who came for the free American retirement checks.

Regards, PapaPaul

Government: The Opiate Of The Masses

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