Affirmative Action and the CCRI

Stephen A Frye safrye at CCGATE.DP.BECKMAN.COM
Tue Jul 23 09:54:01 MDT 1996

You post an excellent article.  And I also believe that Affirmative Action has
gone way too far.  But you do present some interesting points of debate - you
say that Mr. King's dream is "jeopardized by the institution of Affirmative

Is it not also jeopardized by the institution of racial prejudice?

You also say that we should judge by character rather than color of skin - and
you go so far as to say this is a moral idea.

Excellent.  But how widely is it practiced?  I see racial discrimination every

Affirmative Action was put in place to try to overcome some of this
discrimination.  As with most Government ventures - it has gone to a ridiculous
extreme.  But the opposite extreme of the status quo is not the moral answer
either.  The moral answer is as you say - judge all men by their character, not
by the color of their skin.  An admirable goal.

Just how do you propose to make that happen?

Stephen Frye

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