Affirmative Action and the CCRI

Edward Dunai edward01 at IMAP2.ASU.EDU
Tue Jul 23 21:19:47 MDT 1996

        I agree that there are still problems out there, and make no
claims that racism is dead, however, being both an eternal optimist and a
great idealist, I see no problem questing after the dream articulated by
Dr. King.  I have few, if any, problems with the goals and aims of
Affirmative Action, I agree that the government was required, out of
simple justice, to step in to ensure a level, fair playing field.  I
believe that discrimination based on cosmetics differences is utterly
unacceptable.  However, I firmly believe that the current setup of
Affirmative Action has degenerated to the point of becoming a form of
reverse discrimination.
        What I would propose to help solve the problem is that we make,
as a society, a committment to education at all levels.  That we search
for ways to make our schools perform their intended function: producing
an educated citizenry.  We must ensure that every child receives, at
minimum, a first-rate, public education through 12th grade.  I personally
support school-choice voucher plans analogous to the Milwaukee model
endorsed by Mayor Norquist.
        I would further propose that we, as a nation, rise up and condemn
any racial or ethnic separitist movements, as, IMO, both the Aryan Nation
and the Nation of Islam are equally repugnant, equally racist, equally
wrong.  I would dearly love to see the day when we no longer defined
ourselves as hyphenated Americans, but rather joined together as
AMERICANS, to solve our problems together.  I will be the first to admit
that this great nation isn't perfect, but that doesn't stop me from
aspiring to bring it to that exalted state.  IMO, it is vital for all
Americans to join together, as a people, to solve the great injustice
which is racism, but at the same time, let us be ever vigilant, that we
prevent the surrendering of our vital liberties in this process.  It is
imperative that we succeed in this crusade, the consequences if we fail
do not bear consideration.
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On Tue, 23 Jul 1996, Stephen A Frye wrote:

> You post an excellent article.  And I also believe that Affirmative Action has
> gone way too far.  But you do present some interesting points of debate - you
> say that Mr. King's dream is "jeopardized by the institution of Affirmative
> Action".
> Is it not also jeopardized by the institution of racial prejudice?
> You also say that we should judge by character rather than color of skin - and
> you go so far as to say this is a moral idea.
> Excellent.  But how widely is it practiced?  I see racial discrimination every
> day!
> Affirmative Action was put in place to try to overcome some of this
> discrimination.  As with most Government ventures - it has gone to a ridiculous
> extreme.  But the opposite extreme of the status quo is not the moral answer
> either.  The moral answer is as you say - judge all men by their character, not
> by the color of their skin.  An admirable goal.
> Just how do you propose to make that happen?
> Stephen Frye

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