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A number of pages have been added to the EnviroScan web site.  They are:

1. How much is a life worth? The question environmentalists don't want to
answer.  This has been one of EnviroScan's most popular articles.  It puts
a dollar value on a variety to environmental and safety regulations.

2. Ontario's environmental regulators support the ridiculous.  From the you
gotta be kidding department: a company's wastewater has to be purer than

3. Farmers and ag chemical companies battle urban myths.  Pesticides on
food is a NON-issue.

4. Human body harbors carcinogens.  Guess what? Mother nature put
carcinogens in your cells.

5. Government admits being swayed by government.  In a brief quote from a
Canadian government publication, the government admits it's sway by media
coverage when setting risk priorities. The quality or accuracy of the media
attention, however, is not discussed.

6.  Number of children "poisoned" by lead jumps by millions:  The power of
the bureaucratic pen.  By simply changing the acceptable limits for lead,
bureaucrats created millions of new "poisoned" children.  Scientists
question the new level for lead exposure.

7.  Give more attention to lobbying the public -- less to government -- on
environmental issues.  This article encourages business and others to put
greater emphasis on forming public opinion on environmental matters.

EnviroScan's web address is http://www.hookup.net/~rsirvine.  EnviroScan
originates in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, and has readers around the world.

EnviroScan (tm)
What environmentalists don't tell you (tm)
A critical and politically incorrect looks at the environmental movement (tm)

Ross Irvine

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