Alan Keyes on libertarianism (fwd)

Thomas J. Benthall dq46rm79 at COASTALNET.COM
Wed Jul 24 00:08:45 MDT 1996

> Control the border with the military in accordance with the Constitution
> because over 65% of all drugs cross the border.Don't vote in a liberal
> president that has intimate discourse with drugs...Roger Clinton and
> Lasater to name a couple of convicts. As a starter. JB
> --

Controlling the border with US troops might not be a bad idea.  However,
the drug problem did not start in 1992 nor did it start with Roger Clinton
and Lasater.  As much as I hate to say it.

Then maybe cut off welfare to illegals?

Thomas J. Benthall
Gen. Matt W. Ransom Camp 861, SCV

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