The Olympic Bus Snafu

Dennis Putnam putnamd at ATLODBS1.HAYES.COM
Wed Jul 24 06:36:53 MDT 1996

> If you've kept up with the media coverage of the olympics you might have
> heard of the incredible screw ups involving the bus transportation.  I read
> an article in the Tuesday July 23 Daily Telegraph of London.  That article
> told about some British atheletes who almost couldn't get transportation to
> thier events.  I've seen reports now about people who couldn't get a bus
> from where they were staying to where the event was that they had tickets
> for.  One disgruntled tourist said "This is outrageous.  They had 6 years to
> get ready for this."
> >From the reports I've seen this sort of  thing isn't rare.  I was thinking
> about how could a city screw up something that would give them this much
> exposure then I remembered.  Atlanta is run by Democrats.  Then It clicked -
> what should I expect from a bunch of socialists.  Now you and I know that if
> a private company had 6 years to be ready for this, they would have.  A
> private company is motivated by profit.  So the owner of a bus company would
> do whatever he or she could to take care of the increased demand.  A private
> company would acquire extra busses, and hire extra drivers to ensure there
> would be enough busses to take care of the demand.
> This whole situation shows once again that Ronald Reagan was right when he
> said "Government is not the solution to the problem.  Government is the
> problem."

Actually, they did hire extra drivers and busses for the Olympics. Unfortunately
my understanding is that a number of drivers walked off the job after the first
day. I haven't heard why but I think the majority were school bus drivers
hired locally for the Olympics.

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