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Wed Jul 24 07:25:37 MDT 1996

Dear Linda et al;

the following starts with a front page editorial from the Manchester Union


Let's Be Honest: Dole Just Can't Hack It
Nackey Loeb
Publisher Manchester Union Leader
July 23 1996

This newspaper has come to the conclusion that Bob Dole whom we see and hear
on the campaign trail has little chance of defeating Bill Clinton for the
presidency in November.And this election is too important to the future of
our country to risk losing it by default.

The more Dole makes speeches,goes on tv, or presses the flesh, the more his
ratings drop in the polls.He may be a decent person and a loyal American.He
has served his nation in war and peace and  he speaks.most of the time,for
conservative principles and a return of the government to the people.

But somehow.he always fails to capture the people's trust and vote's.His
pending nomination has been baseed less on true popular support and more on
his ability to play the political power game.

Despite our differences with him,we would still support him if he could beat
Bill Clinton, for that must be the main objective.Clinton has done enough
harm already to our nation.Imagine what he would do in a second term,free of
having to worry at all about reelection.

The Republican convention opens in three weeks in San Diego, and we can only
hope that among the party-goers are enough delegates with courage to face
reality,that if Republicans are shackled to the present candidate they could
be attending a wake rather than a celebration.

In this connection,please read columnist Cal Thomas' piece on our editorial
page today. Thomas shares our conern and calls on Republican Party leaders
to find a way out of the Dole dilemma.

The upcoming battle for the Presidency is tough enough as it is.We have many
Americans who seem more comfortable with somebody just like themselves than
with a leader who is better than they are.We have great spoiler,Ross
Perot,who gave us Clinton before and could do it again.We also face a young,
vigorous foe who may be a flop as  President but is a master campaigner. He
is vunerable,of course,but you can't beat something with nothing,and that is
what Dole is when it comes to rallying the troops.

It is time for honesty and decisions.There are just 3 1/2 months to November
and there is much to be done.Bob Dole will either have to be
rejuvenated,refashioned or replaced if the Republicans want to win back the
Prtesidency.The third option is no less likely than the first two.


I will forward a copy of Cal Thomas' Column in another Email.

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be drawn to Washington as the center of all power,it will render powerless
the checks of one government on another,and will become as venal as the
government from which we seperated."
Thomas Jefferson 1821

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