Affirmative Action and the CCRI

Stephen A Frye safrye at CCGATE.DP.BECKMAN.COM
Wed Jul 24 09:21:05 MDT 1996

Your goals and aspirations are admirable.  And I agree with them.  I also agree
that Affirmative Action has gone way too far and is eroding our own liberties
via reverse discrimination.

My only objection - and you did not make this suggestion - is t move to the
complete opposite extreme with no provision for insuring fair treatment.
Because racism is still alive and well in this country, there will be
discrimination.  I believe we need to do our best to prevent it - including laws
if that's what it takes.

As you state, I also believe that education is still the best solution for the
future.  But that is a very long term proposition.  Long term or not, we must
pursue it, but we must also provide for the present.

I also agree with you that as long as we are hyphenated Americans, we exist as
separate societies with separate goals and values.  I think that's too bad.  I
think we need to start being Americans.

I believe we can achieve this without surrendering our personal liberties.  In
fact, I believe that must be a prerequisite.  On the other hand, I also believe
that we must make personal sacrifices if we are truly interested in improving
the society in which we live.

Maybe someday we'll see this.  I don't know.  Maybe the struggle towards the end
is enough.  The goal may be unachievable, and it is the quest which is

Stephen Frye

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