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"One must fight, if only to have fought according to one's conscience"
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                         FOOD FOR THOUGHT

OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES -- Georgie Stephanopoulos once said
of boss Bill, "he kept those promises he meant to keep."

VINCE FOSTER AND JIMMY HOFFA ..... Both dead and both blamed for much.

A CANCER ON THE PRESIDENCY ..... William Jefferson Clinton

LIVINGSTONE, WHO? ..... He's the guy in the pictures with Bill and

GARY IS NOT SICK .... When Gary Sick alleged an "October Surprise"
by the Reagan campaign, he was given 27 T.V. News interviews in
spite of his un-supported charges.  Gary Aldrich received 1 T.V. News
interview because they declared his charges against the drug users
and file snoopers in the Clinton White House were un-supported.

HILLARY, THE FIRST LADY .... To use the "four letter word."

GUERRILLA WARFARE ... Bill and his Demagogic Party are now using
children as shields to protect their "pet" welfare programs.  The GOP
opposition is, in essence, to be tagged as "child killers."

CAPTIVE NATION CHINA ..... not according to Bill.  For the first
time in 37 years, a president of the U.S. failed to declare "Captive
Nations Week."  Principle again looses out to trade dollars.  But,
then again, it is probably naive associating Bill with principled

A NEW USE FOR DEFENSE DOLLARS ...... Condoms for our troops in Bosnia.
--- Could anyone imagine the reaction of George Patton to an Army
officer advising  him that 62 of his "troopers" were unable to fight
because they were pregnant?

C-SPAN C's the light ..... there's too much of that conservative
stuff coming through their phones.  Phone calls will now be divided
equally between liberal and conservative callers.  So much for the
vaunted impartiality of Director Lamb and his staff.

Kenneth E. Wyman

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