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JB nunes at SISNA.COM
Wed Jul 24 16:38:29 MDT 1996

At 11:40 AM 7/24/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I couldn't agree with you more about old Dole.  I'm sure he is a great
>guy, but he is no match for slick and slimy Willy.  I am active in my
>county Republican Party and I go to the state conventions.  I just feel
>like there is nothing for me to support.  Clinton is so awful!!!!! that I
>could never support him.  Dole is surrounding himself with pro-choicers
>and antiguners.  I think that stinks too.  I guess I may as well go to
>the mountains or something and call that day a wash, so far as national
>elections are going.

If we wind up with Dole, he is better than Clinton when he is sound asleep.
Come hell nor high water vote for and support the Republicans.  JB

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