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Here's an interesting piece I found on Politics Now...

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>Collins Constituents Protest In Her District
>Tuesday, July 23, 1996
>      Recent comments about racism and white people by Rep.
>Barbara-Rose Collins, D-Mich., triggered a small protest of about
>a dozen demonstrators in front of her downtown Detroit office
>over the weekend, the Detroit News reported.
>      The protest followed
>a States News Service report last week which quoted Collins as
>saying racism is "so ingrained in American society that there's
>nothing I can do about it. I think God is going to have to burn
>it out of white people."
>      Collins went on to say that she likes
>individual whites, but "hated the race." By contrast, she said,
>whites "hate the individual and feel they have no racism towards
>the race. But I think it's buried so deep in their subconscious
>that they don't even realize how they benefit from racism."
>      Collins spokeswoman Audrey Wright said Collins "does not harbor
>ill feelings toward the entire [white] race."
>      Collins, the
>subject of Justice Department and House Ethics Committee probes
>of her congressional office and campaign finances, faces a
>crowded field of opponents in the Aug. 6 primary.


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