Affirmative Action and the CCRI

Dennis Putnam putnamd at ATLODBS1.HAYES.COM
Thu Jul 25 07:00:18 MDT 1996

> Stephen,
>         I agree, there will probably need to be some mechanism for
> insuring fair treatment for all citizens for quite some time, at least
> until a new generation of more educated citizens takes over.  Hopefully,
> someday, modern racism will go the way of the prejudice experienced by
> the Irish when they first came to America.  As more and more eductated
> minorities enter the workplace and the public eye they will be
> increasingly seen as the real face of their groups, rather than
> gang-bangers and thugs.  It's a lot harder to hate those you accept as
> intellectual equals than it is to hate criminals and thugs... So, once
> the general perception shifts back towards reality, than racism might
> start to disappear on its own volition.  Again, I'm an optimistic
> idealist, yet I hope and pray that such a day could indeed come within my
> lifetime, when the fell plague of racism, of both the original and the
> reversed kind, is scoured clean from the face of our nation.
> Edward

The real problem with racism is not with the masses but with those that porport
to end it. Until the likes of Clinton, Emfume, Farahkan, Jackson and other
liberals stop fomenting racism to preserve their own power base, discrimination
will be perpetuated.

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