Affirmative Action and the CCRI

Thu Jul 25 08:38:01 MDT 1996

>        One of the most fundamental principles and ideals upon which this
>country is based is the revolutionary idea that all men are created
>equal, that no individual  in inherently better or worse, but that any
>man  may aspire to the highest levels of achievement (note to the ladies,
>I mean men in the generic sense).  This dream, articulated by Martin
>Luther King Jr. in his famous "I have a dream" address, is jeopardized by
>the institution of Affirmative Action.  MLK believed, as I do, that
>content of character is far more important than color of skin, that what
>we should judge people by are their merits, their abilities, their
>morals, their ethics, their ambition, their achievements, in short, judge
>them strictly as individuals.  The institution of affirmative action
>short-circuits  this moral ideal, placing in its stead  the false beacon
>of class identification, group victimization, and, indeed, the perversion
>of Dr. King's dream by emphasizing color and ethnicity over character.
>In California, voters have the opportunity to strike a blow against this
>perversion of the dream by approving the landmark California Civil Rights
>Initiative.  Supporters of this revolutionary initiative have been
>demonized by the purveyors of group-think as "racists", "bigots", and
>"extremists".  But if standing by the dream of Dr. King means being a
>"racist", a "bigot" and an "extremist", then I am proud to be known as
>such.  If insisting on refraining from judging people by the color of
>their skin is "racist", "bigoted", and "extreme", then I am proud to be
>accused of such.  If questing for a more equal and free America is
>"racist", "bigoted", and "extreme", then I am proud to stand  with
>millions of Americans, of all racial groups, of all religious
>denominations, of both genders, in continuing the great quest.  There is
>nothing  extreme about my position, it is the position of moral
>integrity, spiritual righteousness, and ethical certainty.  I will not
>back down from  the dream, I will not abandon the quest, and nor will
>millions of my fellow citizens who have long stood tall in support of the
>great dream which is America.
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Ditto, here Edward......Nuf Said.....
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