Affirmative Action and the CCRI

Dennis Putnam putnamd at ATLODBS1.HAYES.COM
Thu Jul 25 11:41:01 MDT 1996

> If you subscribe to the notion that all people are created equal then
> examining the racial makeup of an organization's workforce is (usually) a
> valid measure of the presence (or lack of) systemic discrimination.  If
> the workforce is representative of the local population then a strong
> argument can be
> made that no discrimination of the basis of a demographic characteristic
> exists.  Occasionally, discrimination can be justified on the basis of
> differentials in skills, I remember a case involving an Alaskan fish
> processing plant that had a low representation of aboriginals in white
> collar positions (If he is still around I'm sure Steve Laib could cite the
> case).  Note that I am taking as axiomatic the notion that the races are
> equally qualified, some have argued on this list that this is not often
> the case and that schools in poor areas are not as good as others and thus
> the population of applicants from these areas is not as qualified.  My
> answer to this is two-fold.

Non-sequitor. Equal creation does not equate to equal development and thus
defines a major difference between conservatism and liberalism. The conservative
view point is yes all are created equal and given the same set of tools.
What one does with them is another issue. Liberalism beleives that those who
work and reap rewards should be punished by forcing them to give what they
earned to those that were unwilling to work just as hard for themselves. It
is unfair that one who works hard should get more than one that does not. So
we lower standards to the least common denominator in the name of fairness.
Conservatism, on the other hand believes that hard work should be encouraged
and rewarded and those that are unwilling to work should not be given a free
ride on the backs of workers. So we raise standards to encourge everyone to
strive to reach their highest potential. Note the key sublity that with
conservative we only encourage, we do not coerce or force. It is a matter of
individual reponsibility.


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