Affirmative Action and the CCRI

Tony Stapleton astaple at NWLINK.COM
Thu Jul 25 16:43:05 MDT 1996

Someone said:

> If you subscribe to the notion that all people are created equal then
> examining the racial makeup of an organization's workforce is
>(usually) a valid measure of the presence (or lack of) systemic
>discrimination.  If the workforce is representative of the local
>population then a strong
>argument can be made that no discrimination of the basis of a
>demographic characteristic exists.

>  Occasionally, discrimination can be
>justified on the basis of differentials in skills,

This phrase kills me.  I thought the idea was to hire the person with
the best skills and qualifications for the job.  Of course, the employer
is "discriminating on the basis of differentials in skills."  That is
what the employer is supposed to do!!

If all men were created equal and the NBA or MLB were held to your
standard, I would be playing for the Sonics making somewhere between 10
and 20 million over 5 years.

Just a thought.


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