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>>Collins Constituents Protest In Her District
>>Tuesday, July 23, 1996
>>      Collins went on to say that she likes
>>individual whites, but "hated the race." By contrast, she said,
>>whites "hate the individual and feel they have no racism towards
>>the race. But I think it's buried so deep in their subconscious
>>that they don't even realize how they benefit from racism."
>>      Collins spokeswoman Audrey Wright said Collins "does not harbor
>>ill feelings toward the entire [white] race."
>>      Collins, the
>>subject of Justice Department and House Ethics Committee probes
>>of her congressional office and campaign finances, faces a
>>crowded field of opponents in the Aug. 6 primary.
Rep Collins,
Sorry, we cannot be called only "Americans" because the entire Western
Hemisphere: North Americans, Central Americans and South Americans are
also Americans. If we go to each of the other American countries and ask
them to no longer be called American and let we, Middle North Americans
use the identity exclusively can we be called "Americans". We are greatly
outnumbered and I doubt that we could ever legally control this title. If you
aren't a minority that has been assigned an ethnic ID, your only choice is
legally recognized, "white", or more accurately, European American if your
origins were from Britain, East/West Europe and/or Scandinavia.We are
attempting to get recognition European Americans as a choice in harmony
with the African Americans, Asian Americans and Hispanic Americans which
will help to place EAs on a level civil rights playing field with the others.We
cannot arbitrarily monopolize the term "American".  JB.

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