I recieved this from some socialist

John B Hammer economic at NS.CENCOM.NET
Fri Jul 26 02:59:42 MDT 1996

HI folks...
I recently recieved a note from a person from "Share the Wealth" after
refusing to post the advertisment on the listserve.  Although the guy
displayed genuine civility, I couldn't possibly post some advertisment on
the list, here.  I recieved a reply to my note.  Can anyone relate to me
how this man can't see how a group that wants to tax the rich, so the poor
can have more isn't socialistic?  He wrote:
On July 23rd, you wrote;

>Not on my list...I don't believe in socialism; you'll have to find
>someone else to peddle it.

Sorry to bother you yet again, but I do not believe that fairness in an=
 economy is socialistic, or at least more so than the current state we have=
 in the U.S.  The only difference tha I see is that the current set up=
 benefits the rich much more than it benefits the poor and working classes. =

Anyway, thanks for the note.

Share the Wealth
A Project of United for a Fair Economy
37 Temple Place
5th Floor
Boston, MA 02111
TEL (617) 423-2148
=46AX (617) 695-1295
e-mail stw at stw.org
web: http://www.stw.org

   "They that can give up essential liberty to
             obtain a little temporary safety deserve
                                        neither liberty or safety."
                         (Ben Franklin, 1759)

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