Affirmative Action and the CCRI

Dennis Putnam putnamd at ATLODBS1.HAYES.COM
Fri Jul 26 06:53:00 MDT 1996

> Dennis not to frighten you too much but we agree that mearly possessing the
> tools is not enough, you must be able to work with them in a productive
> fashion.  The real difference between us is that C's look at unequal
> development and say "You lose".  Libs look at unequal development and say
> "Why?"  This is apt illustrated with RFK's quote "...I look at the world
> and say why not."

I'm not frightened but this is plain wrong. Modern liberals do not say 'why?'
under these circumstances. They say, 'unfair' and then pass laws that punish
the hard worker and reward the underacheivers. C's do not say 'you lose' but
rather, 'you can acheive anything you want if you work hard enough for it'. Your
perspective of C's is typical of non-understnading L's.

> Dennis, seriously give it up.  No liberal that I know wants to punish
> anybody for success.  As for branding that percentage of the black race
> that is unemployed as being "unwilling to work" (that appears to be your
> meaning, that the race gap in employment exists only because that group
> doesn't try hard enough) starts you down a path that I do not think you
> wish to go.  Can you please clarify?

You have go to be kidding right? All you have to do is look at our tax laws
and the the punishment mentality become obvious. I have re-read my post and I
see absolutely no reference to race at all. Although the subject was
originally AA my post was specific to the different mindset of C's and L's.
Again in typical liberal fashion you interject something into the discussion
that is completely off-the-wall for, what appears to be, the purpose of
diverting attention from the real issue.

> BTW I can cite you a number of academic studies that show the extent of
> latent racism that exists.  Basically they all say that many people use
> skin colour as a proxy for qualification, since this is so hard to prove
> on an individual case all we are left with is aggregating the numbers.

Race is irrelevant to my point. I have never said that racism does not exist,
indeed I have repeatedly stated that it not only exists but is fomented by
those whose power base depends on its perpetuation (e.g. Jackson, Farrahkan,
Enfume, etc.).

> Also you do not address my contention that AA actually helps to introduce
> the pressure of the into correcting faults in the educational system, you
> do not generally shy away from the market, why are you not willing to let
> the market place contribute to solving this problem?

AA is counter to market forces. Employers cannot hire the hardest worker and
best qualified for a job. Colleges cannot accept the best quilaified students,
they have to lower standards. It is all based on quotas and race so I am missing
your point. AA in itself is racist and discriminatory. It also punishes those
that work hard and again proves my original point about the different mindset
of L's and C's.

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