Affirmative Action and the CCRI

Stephen A Frye safrye at CCGATE.DP.BECKMAN.COM
Fri Jul 26 10:50:49 MDT 1996

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>Sorry, we cannot be called only "Americans" because the entire Western
>Hemisphere: North Americans, Central Americans and South Americans are
>also Americans. If we go to each of the other American countries and ask
>them to no longer be called American and let we, Middle North Americans

O.K. - an interesting game with semantics.  So let's address the underlying
philosophy.  Most of in this country are citizens of this country.  I am proud
of my citizenship, and I consider this country, and this country alone, my

If I travel to a foreign country, I refer to the United States as my heritage,
not Canada, Holland, or anywhere else.  Why should it be necessary to add
hyphens specifying other possible countries back up the ancestry?  We can be
proud of our ancestors, but we are not they.  We are ourselves.  We fought for
this country, we fought for its freedom from the control of another, and now we
so often choose to identify ourselves as something else.  I don;t get it!

Is that better than saying we are "Americans"?

Stephen Frye

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