Affirmative Action and the CCRI

Edward Dunai darkside at ASU.EDU
Fri Jul 26 16:26:34 MDT 1996

        I don't want _any_ ethnic identification in this country.  WE ARE
ALL AMERICANS.  I do not wish to be labeled as being with this ethic
group or that ethnic group.  I do not wish for a "unified" voice for all
whites.  I am perfectly capable of representing myself, of contacting my
legislators when necesary, of writing to my local paper, of being heard.
I find the idea that since every other ethnic category has lobbyists that
we have to jump in too.  If every other ethnic group jumped into the
Grand Canyon would you advocate that we followed right along like little
lemmings <G>  IMHO, we must always and ever attempt to do what's right,
rather than what's popular.  We must stand against the rising tide of
balkanization in this country and force it to recede.  We must stand for
our principles, for otherwise, what do we have to stand for?  We must
not, in short, give in to the temptation to abandon the idea of Dr. Kings
of judging our fellow citizens on the content of their character rather
than the color of their skins.

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On Fri, 26 Jul 1996, JB wrote:

> A
> >>
> >Is that better than saying we are "Americans"?
> >
> fLike it or not you are the only
> ethnic group, and the legal target of this society, that has no voice.
> All of the so-called minorities have a legal ethnic title which
> gives them a decided advantage. You or I can never expect them to give up
> this advantage voluntarily. The Leadership Conference in D.C. has a member-
> ship approaching 200 of minority organizations and European Americans or
> 'whites' are not represented. They lobby endlessly to form our laws and we
> have no one lobby taking our case to congress. All we are asking for is a
> share of the running of the US. Most of the middle class are EAs but we have
> little influence to control the border or stop the drug traffic because we have
> virtually no solidarity. Many are determined to force us to remain under the
> denigrated 'white' which was forced on us legally by Carter in 1977 because
> we were not represented where the Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans
> and African Americans were invited and inlluenced the results. This all comes
> from much research and finally the Directive #15 from the Office of Manage-
> ment and Budget. We want a level playing field do you? JB
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