Gun Control (my opinion)

Edward Dunai darkside at ASU.EDU
Sat Jul 27 10:04:30 MDT 1996

        IMO, the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United
States of America provides an *individual* right to bear arms, rather
than a *collective* right.  This is partially born out by the decisions
made by the Supreme Court and, mostly, by the writings of the Founders.
IMO, the whole purpose of the Second Amendment is *not* to prevent crime
or to hunt or to target shoot but rather to provide yet another check and
balance on the power of the Federal government.  I believe that it was
intended as a means to ensure that the government would not become
tyrannical in nature, but would rather serve the people.  Further, within
the Constitution no provision is made for a standing army, rather the
people, banded together in the militia, were intended to provide for the
common defense.  While this swiftly proved unworkable, it is still
necesary to reflect on the advantages of an armed society.  I believe
that there are two  major advantages to an armed society.
        1> Deterrence of crime-  It is axiomatic that criminals would
much rather attack individuals they know to be unarmed, as this reduces
risk to the criminal and makes the criminal feel more powerful than
he/she may actually be.  If, OTOH, the criminal element knows that its
victims are more likely to be armed, the risk associated with crime goes
up by several orders of magnitude, because the criminals can never be
sure whether or not their "victim" might be better armed and better
trained then they are.  This might also be an excellent argument in favor
of compulsory military service, but that's a different topic.
        2> Guarenteed Protection of Liberties-  While it may seem
radical, I believe that an armed society is respected by its leaders far
more than a disarmed society.  If the government knows that the citizenry
is capable of forcing it to obey their wishes, government will become far
more responsive to the will of the people.  I am not advocating revolt,
rather I am advocating that an armed people's liberties are much harder
to infringe than a disarmed people, witness Germany in the thirties, what
was the first thing Hitler did?  Passed gun-control laws..........

        IMO, it is imperative that we resist the temptation to give up
this essential liberty in response to the wish for temporary security.
We must resist the siren song of disarmament sung by HCI and other
anti-second amendment groups.  We must ensure that the right to keep and
bear arms is kept and borne by the American people.

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