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        Here is the ultmate example of calling an Apple an Apple, when it should be
called an Orange. In the 60's and 70's the Liberal Elites of our country,
devised a method of practicing racism in a very subtle means. The created
the illusion of the Great Society in the hearts and souls of poor Americans.
This illusion, although a falacy, was a grand plan by the Governing Elite to
put the Blacks and the poor forever in poverty and keep  them Wards of the
State. They, practicing theories of the "Bell Curve", have kept the blacks
and the poor in shackles of slavery to this day. The Liberal Elites  were
extremely racist (Lyndon Johnson for example) and put forth the programs to
take care of these inferior people. The Hidden agenda of the Liberals was
and still is to create a Social Class that was dependent entirely on one
governing political Party (the DEM's). Look at all of these Social Welfare
Programs of the Liberals, and one will discover they are designed to
inprison their beneficiaries immediately and almost always permanently.
        Examples of this are found in all Public assistance programs. HUD Housing,
AFDC, Food Stamps, fuel Assitance, and Medicare programs are devised to
punish disproportionately the recipient, if he or she tries to get a job. If
you (the recipient) take a job at McD's(no health insurance) you will
stripped of your Medicaid, although your take-home pay barely equals the
AFDC check. Your fuel assistance is automatically eliminated,  if you take
the job. Your food stamps are reduced by more than 75%. Now, you have a job
that pays barely equal to the AFDC check, but you are going to freeze,
starve and go without medical services. But, now, you FEEL BETTER about
yourself. The Ruling Liberal Elite of the 60's designed these programs to
enslave and have  exploited the poor and Blacks to this day. IF YOU CONTROL
COUNTRY. They know that the Democrats (LIBERAL ELITE) support these programs
and the Status Quo.
        Affirmative Action is another Liberal Elite ideaolgy (RACISM), based upon
Theories espoused in the "Bell Curve". The performance factor is eliminated
and in place of it, Racial Quotas are inserted. This propagates the feeling
of dissent and fuels the Justifications, however misfounded, of Extremist
groups, such as the KKK, Aryanne Nations and other White Supremist Groups.
These white extremists live and breath their hatred for Blacks . So, the
Liberals fuel their hatred with more quotas on Minorities in jobs and Higher
education. The Liberals thrive on the Hatred and Racism of these groups,
when ultimately they are the True Racists. They Stereotype the poor and
blacks into a group that cannot do any better for themselves.
        No one can deny that Affirmative Action fuels Racial Discourse in the minds
of White Males. White males are angry and deservably so. They are watching
as people who score lower on SAT's, being admitted to college before them.
They are watching scholarships, PEL grants, College Loans being awarded
strictly on Race and Gender. Then, if they are lucky enough to get out of
College, they watch jobs given to Minorities and Women based strictly on
those attributes and not on their ability. In the minds of these white
males, they then question all promotions and appointments of minorities. Was
he or she promoted for quotas or ability. AA does nothing but fuel Racial
Discourse among the recipients and the Non-recipients.
        Ultimately, you have to question the motives of Liberals. They advocate
policies that are meant to keep them as the Ruling Elite. Welfare is and
will remain a tool of theirs to enslave the poor and insure their power into
the future. Affirmative Action is but a another tool of theirs to oblige the
benefactors to their Party. AA  fuel the extremist groups, so they can say
they are justified in their policies.
        In closing I will call the Apple an Orange. Welfare is Racism and
Affirmative Action is Racism. Both are Liberal policies supported by the
Democrats in this Country. These practices are Racist and fuel Racism in all
classes of Society. Therefore, we must deduce that the Liberal Elites are
racist and practice racism. Their programs will fuel the hatred and the
justification (however wrong) of these extremist groups in this country.
Until, these programs are reformed the people enslaved and obliged to the
Liberal programs will continue to support the Liberal Elites, because thats
where their bread is buttered.

        DISCLAIMER: I do not support any of the theories of the idiot, Mr. Murray
in his book "the Bell Curve", and neither does  any of the Genetisists of
the Modern era. Mr. Murray has been refuted in all of his findings in his
Book "The Bell Curve".

        I prescribe to a much more ideaological theory of Thomas Jefferson and the
Founding Fathers :

 " We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,
that they are endowed by their Creator by certain unalienable rights, Life,
Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

God Bless,
Mike Porch
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