TWA Flt. 800

Edward Dunai darkside at ASU.EDU
Sat Jul 27 13:02:50 MDT 1996

        I did hear some speculation that the explosion could have been
caused by a flare dropped by a ANG C-130 Hercules which was near the area
that night, however both the pilot of the Hercules and his CO have stated
that they dropped no flares until after the explosion, moreover the pilot
was one of the witnesses who reported a streak of light merging with the
747.  I doubt that it was "friendly fire" which brought down flight 800
but I would certainly hope that this line of inquiry is followed with as
much care and thoroughness as every other.  BTW, does anybody have any
info on the bomb which detonated in Atlanta last night?  I heard that
there were several dead and more injured.  Could there be a link?  If so,
and if we figure out which group of cowardly maniacs carried out these
attacks and trace them to any of the nations which sponsor terrorist
activities, then I have a modet proposal.  I figure that we have quite a
few spare nukes lying around gathering dust and cobwebs, and I'm pretty
sure that Russia's also got a couple to spare, I figure that it would be
quite imperative that we validate our test results with above-ground
tests, while at the same time ensuring that our launch systems are
trustworthy and reliable.  I fairly certain that, with just a few such
tests, totally cooincidently conducted over major military and political
sites within that nation which sponsored the terrorists, we will be able
to say for sure that our nuclear stockpile is reliable and effective.
While this may be a little hard on the nation upon which we conduct this
test, I'm fairly certain that we'll get all the data needed to prevent
the need for such tests in the future...

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On Sat, 27 Jul 1996, Mel Charters wrote:

> >Everyone,
> >  I am sure that everyone on this list joins me in extending
> >condolences and prayers to the families of the victims of flight 800.
> >IMO, this tragic explosion was caused by neither an onboard bomb nor
> >mechanical failure but rather it was caused by a shoulder-fired
> >surface-to-air missile.  Nearly 80 eyewitness accounts all agree that
> >they saw a "streak" rising from the ocean surface to connect with the
> >airliner, just as the airliner exploded.  The media and the authorities
> >have scoffed at this notion, stating that no shoulder fired missile could
> >reach 13,000 feet.  However, while the Stinger is indeed rated as only
> >being effective up to 9000 feet, this rating reflects engineering
> >conservatism rather than an actual limit.  Moreover, this rating is an
> >"effective" range rather than a "maximum" range.  The effective range
> >rating on a Stinger is determined by how far it can travel while pursuing
> >a rapidly maneuvering target.  In this case, however, we have an
> >extremely large target with an extremely strong thermal signature moving
> >along at a constant velocity, which presents a target which the Stinger
> >can strike out to nearly 20000 feet.  I heard rumbles that the FBI is
> >investigating a marina near the crash scene from which a yacht was
> >renting the evening of the accident.  If it indeed was a missile attack,
> >then all the increased security at our airports will not amount to
> >anything.  Our only defense is to seek out these cowards and destroy them
> >in the dens of evil that they pollute.  We must crush them, root and
> >branch, before we can claim to have made progress in air safety.  Almost
> >as many people have died in this attack and the Lockerbie attack as at
> >Pearl Harbor, and we went to war because of that...
> Has anyone, besides myself, heard that there may have been military
> activities in progress about 8 miles from the scene at the time of TWA 800
> disaster? A caller to the "Black Avenger" program made this statement. Just
> one call, no corroboration. I tend to think it was just speculation, but
> you never know.
> Mel Charters

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