The Liberal way: ban the bad books

Jim Nantz jimnantz at NETWRX.NET
Sun Jul 28 00:02:51 MDT 1996

This evening I was watching the news on KPHO tv in Phoenix and one segment
of interest involved a 13 year old boy who bought a copy of the Anarchist's
Cookbook.  His mom is so upset that the boy was able to buy such a book.
She was going on about what a terrible thing it was that something like that
book could be available on the open market.  She went on to say that she
doesn't think that anyone should have such a book and that it should not be

This woman sounds like a liberal poster child.  This idea of "Ban the book
that has the dangerous idea."  This phrase has been used by dictators for
centuries.  The Communists in Russia banned books that they thought
dangerous.  The Nazis did the same.  In fact: every totalitarian government
ever to exist banned ideas that it thought dangerous.

This woman may have good intentions in mind but she forgets that if a trend
is set that it may be impossible to stop.  Here's what I mean:  They ban
this book because it might be dangerous if some nut built a bomb described
in it.  A few years down the road a politician uses this precedent as an
excuse to ban something else.  Before you know it we have lost the freedom
of speech.
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