The Liberal way: ban the bad books

Sun Jul 28 09:48:23 MDT 1996

>Date: Sun, 28 Jul 1996 00:02:51 -0600
>From: Jim Nantz <jimnantz at NETWRX.NET>
>Subject: The Liberal way: ban the bad books
>This evening I was watching the news on KPHO tv in Phoenix and one segment
>of interest involved a 13 year old boy who bought a copy of the Anarchist's
>Cookbook.  His mom is so upset that the boy was able to buy such a book.
>       [snip, snip]
>This woman may have good intentions in mind but she forgets that if a trend
>is set that it may be impossible to stop.  Here's what I mean:  They ban
>this book because it might be dangerous if some nut built a bomb described
>in it.  A few years down the road a politician uses this precedent as an
>excuse to ban something else.  Before you know it we have lost the freedom
>of speech.

        Besides, who ever saw or heard of a book committing a heinous act
        against humanity?  Again, a well-meaning person focuses on one of
        many symptoms but not the source.

        Perhaps using the parenting skill of communication and instructing
        the 13 year old on proper behavior expected by society with regard
        to the material in that book instead of seeking to "protect" the
        child from exposure to that material by seeking to ban its
        availability better fits the situation.

        But then, parenting infringes on the parent's constitutional right
        to privacy (and personal time)!  ;-)

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