The Liberal way: ban the bad books

Jim Nantz jimnantz at NETWRX.NET
Sun Jul 28 14:16:39 MDT 1996

At 10:48 AM 7/28/96 -0500, you wrote:
>        Besides, who ever saw or heard of a book committing a heinous act
>        against humanity?  Again, a well-meaning person focuses on one of
>        many symptoms but not the source.

Good Point.  I guess I forgot about that one.  We've never seen a headline
like "Book holds up bank and shoots 3.  Film at 11"
>        Perhaps using the parenting skill of communication and instructing
>        the 13 year old on proper behavior expected by society with regard
>        to the material in that book instead of seeking to "protect" the
>        child from exposure to that material by seeking to ban its
>        availability better fits the situation.
>        But then, parenting infringes on the parent's constitutional right
>        to privacy (and personal time)!  ;-)

Some more good points.

All too many people today don't want to take responsibility for the things
they should.  In this case the woman doesn't want to take the time to
instruct her kid in what's right and what's wrong.  She Doesn't want to have
to bother with spending time to see what her kid's up to.  She wants the
government to do it for her.  It's easier to have the government ban
something you don't like than to take the time to make sure your kids aren't
watching it on tv, hearing it on the radio, reading it in a book, or surfing
for it on the internet.
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