The Last Hoorah

Dennis Putnam putnamd at ATLODBS1.HAYES.COM
Mon Jul 29 13:29:00 MDT 1996

> Fellow Dittoheads,
>   I have been away from the list for a couple of weeks so I am not up on
> what has been going on.  I do know about Rush's last show coming in
> August.  I still can't help to think that Rush has something else in mind
> other than saying he has syndication problems.  Otherwise the slick Willy
> crowd will say they have won in shutting Rush up.  There has to be
> another angle.  Any thoughts?
> With High Regards

This is only the TV show that is being ended. Pure capitalism at work or Rush's
part. He cannot get reasonable air times in the majority of markets, in spite
of ratings comprable to Leno and Letterman, so there is not enough money in it
to justify the cost and in particular the effort on Rush's part.

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